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How to earn

  • Share: Share your talent by uploading a 30-second video of yourself singing, playing an instrument, music videos, or anything that shows your musical talent. As your fanbase grows on the platform, you earn royalties for fan engagement on your content. You can also monetize your fanbase through tips and subscriptions.
    Additionally, musicians can promote their musical content to build their fanbase on Soundhalla or platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and more, enhancing their visibility and reach. See how
  • Discover: Explore the platform to discover new musicians, your interaction with content contributes to the community-driven discovery process. Top rated musicians appear at the top. You earn points for your engagement which converts to cash at the end of the month. Users become fans of musicians when they "like" their content.
  • Earn: All users (musicians or fans) earn points when they share or engage with content on the platform. These points convert to cash monthly. Only the top 25% of users with the highest points earn monthly. Users get a "Top25" badge when they are in the top 25%.