Create a song campaign.

Promote your music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube & more!

How it works

Create a campaign to grow your fanbase on Soundhalla & to promote your music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube & more.

  • Start by creating a campaign with a 30-second snippet of your song that people will listen to.
  • If they like the song after listening to the 30-second snippet, it opens up your song link on the platform they stream music on.
  • You can target each campaign to users on a specific platform. For example, a campaign targeted at Spotify will only be discovered by Spotify users on Soundhalla. This makes your campaign more effective.
  • Check your analytics to see how your campaigns are performing.
  • After every snippet, we ask them if they like the song or not. This is included in the song analytics, so you can know how many new fans liked and discovered your music and you can also see your song ratings.
  • Get discovered & grow your fanbase easily and cheaply!
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