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Grow your fanbase on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube & more!

Why we do it

Soundhalla is a platform that helps Artists get discovered on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube & more.
Our mission is to give every Artist, an opportunity to impact the world.
See how we help Artists below.

Grow Your Fanbase

Reach over 17,000 fans using Soundhalla to discover music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube & more.

  • Create a campaign with a 20 second snippet of your song, we present this to the fans.
  • If they like the song after listening to the 20 seconds snippet, it opens up your song link on the platform they stream music on.
  • You can target each campaign to a specific platform. For example, a campaign targeted at Spotify will only be discovered by people who stream music on Spotify. This makes your campaign more effective.
  • We'll show you how your campaigns are performing.
  • After every snippet, we ask them if they like the song or not. This is included in the song analytics, so you can know how many new fans liked and discovered you.
  • Fans judge your music on Soundhalla solely based on your sound, we do not show them your name or likeness. They only discover the Artists they like.
  • Get discovered solely based on how good your music is!
  • Invite Artists and earn 5% of every of their campaign budget.
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Get Funding

Stay independent & get the funding you need to grow your Fanbase.

  • Advances from $2000 - $5,000,000.
  • Your advance can be up to 8x your annual streaming income.
  • Get funding for your music in less than a week.
  • Keep 100% ownership of your masters, publishing, touring, merch and sync.
  • Use the funds however you see fit for your career.
  • Get an advance against your catalog and future releases.
  • Work with a team member to review your advance options.

Discover, Vibe & Earn.

Join thousands of fans on Soundhalla and earn money discovering music you'll love.

  • Download Soundhalla from the App or Play Store.
  • Press play and listen to song snippets of music you'll love.
  • After the song snippet plays, you'll see a prompt asking if you like the song.
  • Songs you like, will automatically open the link for you to discover the song and the Artist.
  • You can withdraw once you hit the N100 threshold and once a week.
  • Songs you can earn from, will have an "earn" badge.
  • The account used for payout can only be used to withdraw from one Soundhalla account.
  • If you abuse the app by opening multiple accounts, you'll be banned for life.
  • If you discover an Artist you like, give us and the Artist a shoutout on social media!
  • Refer your friends and earn 5% of their earnings on the app.
  • Download from the app or playstore.

Join Our Artist City!

  • Connect & collaborate with other Artists and top music professionals.
  • Get the knowledge, people and services you need in the music industry.
  • Get access to the music professionals you need to help your career grow.
  • Join our whatsapp community with artist and professionals from over 5 continents.

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