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App launching March 31st.
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About us

Singing along to your favorite song is even more enjoyable when you can earn money while listening to it.
That's why we built Soundhalla, a music rewards platform where Fans can earn, listening to music they love.
Get rewarded with cash, concert tickets and discounts to your favorite bars, restaurants and online stores.
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How it works

  • Download the app, sign up and search for music you love.
  • Discover trending songs & listen to songs that speak to your mood.
  • Tap the 🔥 button for songs you like and they'll be added to your "Hotlist".
  • You earn when you find gems, play music from the app to find gems.
  • The more gems you find, the more you earn.
  • Gems are converted to cash & paid out every quarter (90 days).
  • The value of each gem can be up to $50 and varies every quarter.
  • Get rewards like discounts to your favorite bars, restaurants and online stores.
  • Earn extra gems when you invite friends.
  • App launches March 31st on Google Play and the App Store

We're also funding Artists!

Stay independent & get the funding you need to impact the world with your music.

  • Advances from $2000 - $5,000,000.
  • Your advance can be up to 8x your annual streaming income.
  • Get funding for your music in less than a week.
  • Get promotion support customized to your type of music and on your budget.
  • Increase your listenership across streaming platforms.

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